Social Security Disability

Wilmington Social Security Disability Representatives

Eastern North Carolina Social Security Disability Representaives

If you have become disabled, Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits may be necessary to help you survive financially. Even for those with sufficient assets to remain financially stable without SSD benefits, we can help. You paid into Social Security throughout your working life, and you have a right to these benefits.

Almost two-thirds of the people who apply for SSD benefits are initially refused. If you have applied and were refused, do not take that as a final statement or an objective evaluation of your disability. Many applications for benefits are rejected due to errors or insufficient information being present on the application.

At The Law Offices of Kathleen Shannon Glancy, P.A., our Wilmington Social Security Disability representatives understand what language is necessary for an application for benefits to be accepted. We can communicate with your doctors and make sure they understand what medical evidence needs to be presented for your appeal to succeed.

At our firm, we will assist in your appeal. Our key role is the development of your medical evidence. We work on a contingency fee basis that is governed by statutory review process, must be approved by Social Security and generally equals 25 percent of back benefits.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplemental Security Income is a needs-based program that is also designed to help people who are unable to work but may not have paid enough into Social Security to be covered under SSD. Having resources to fall back on may interfere with your receiving benefits under this program.