SS Disability Process

Social Security Disability Process

Wilmington Social Security Administration Representatives

Don’t be discouraged if your initial application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits has been denied. Almost two-thirds of all initial applications are denied. Some are denied for minor technical mistakes, but many are denied due to a failure of your physician to use language that is recognized by the Social Security Administration.

At The Law Offices of Kathleen Shannon Glancy, P.A., in Wilmington, North Carolina, our representatives understand the Social Security Disability process. We understand how to take a denied claim and work to create a successful appeal.

Why Securing an Experienced SSD
Representative for Your Appeal Is So Important

Due to the volume of appeals that the Social Security Administration must consider and the lack of sufficient funding to adequately tackle the backlog of appeals, the wait time for having an appeal heard is growing. Currently, you can expect a wait of over a year before your appeal is examined.

Given the length of time that people typically have to wait on an appeal, we believe it is extremely important that you make the most of the attention that the Social Security Administration can give you. Having an experienced representative help with your appeal can greatly increase the chances for your appeal to succeed.

At our firm, we look at our clients’ appeals and evaluate the medical evidence. Often doctors fail to describe your condition in a way that the Social Security Administration recognizes. We can help your physician understand how to present the evidence for your disability and thereby increase the likelihood of your appeal being granted.