Workers Comp Process

Workers’ Compensation Process

Wilmington Workers’ Compensation Claim Attorneys

Being injured on the job can create uncertainty. You want to believe that Workers’ Compensation will cover your injuries and any associated costs such as necessary medical care and lost wages. It may seem straightforward — you have been injured on the job, and the purpose of Workers’ Compensation is to cover on-the-job injuries.

However, your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance is actually a policy that is issued by an insurance company. The insurance company’s main goal is not to take care of you; their main goal is to make a profit.

At The Law Offices of Kathleen Shannon Glancy, P.A., in Wilmington, North Carolina, our lawyers recommend that you seek out experienced legal representation soon after being injured. Furthermore, Kathleen Shannon Glancy is Board Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation.

How an Attorney Can Help You With Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

While many people may not think of it this way, the Workers’ Compensation process is adversarial. You are trying to prove the full, real extent of your injury and the disability, or other negative effects that are part of that injury, and your employer’s insurance company is trying to minimize its liability.

Our experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys can help you navigate the claims process. We have decades of experience in fully developing the necessary medical evidence to secure the benefits that our clients deserve.

In many cases, employers and insurers will secure the assistance of lawyers in responding to a Workers’ Compensation claim. Don’t let them impose an inadequate definition of your injuries and disability. We will make sure that the appropriate medical evidence is included in your case.