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Workers’ Compensation is a program designed to give workers relatively immediate access to benefits they may need in the event of an injury. Employers acquire insurance to cover this program, and employees are barred from suing their employers over a Workers’¬†Compensation injury.

Following an injury, the injured worker needs to report the incident to their supervisor. Along with treatment for the injury comes an evaluation of the injury where the level and duration of the disability will be analyzed.

At The Law Offices of Kathleen Shannon Glancy, P.A., our Wilmington Workers’ Compensation attorneys bring decades of experience to the aid of our clients.¬† Furthermore, Kathleen Shannon Glancy is Board Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation.

How Our Lawyers Can Help Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

A critical element to remember as you are navigating the channels of Workers’ Compensation is that your employer’s insurance company is in charge of the decision making on your benefits. Insurance companies are not looking after your best interests; they are looking after their own. Your doctor may believe that one course of care is best for your injury, and the insurance company may disagree. Beyond trying to control the type of care you receive, they may outright deny your claim.

If you are involved in a dispute over your claim for Workers’ Compensation, we can help. We understand how to communicate effectively and persuasively when it comes to making the extent of your injury and disability known. Further, if you are unable to return to work, we can help make the case for benefits that are appropriate based on factors such as your age, education and work history. If you can return to work, we can fight to get you back into a position that is suitable for you and that is not a dead end position.